Here's a wish and there's a dream,
happy mood, we're all a team!

  • Children appreciate audacity and like heroes that inspire them: Koyaa does a great job of speaking to their inner world and imagination. Our hero overcomes obstacles with a spark of ingenuity, showing that nothing is impossible as long as you really put your mind to it. Hearing the children laugh and cheer, it's not hard to join in with a shout of ‘More!’

    Barbara Kelbl, Film Education and Young Audiences (expert associate, Kinobalon) Kinodvor Cinema

  • Koyaa doesn't let the material world sour his mood – to him, every obstacle is a challenge and every challenge an adventure! The films are sparkly, inventive, and a tribute to persistence, the magic of the imagination and the cheekiness of everyday life. Through Koyaa's eyes, life is a game and playfulness a way of life.

    Gert Hermans, Editor-in-Chief of ECFA and Head of Distribution at Jekino Distribution

  • Koyaa is a unique pre-school series with a humour all its own in which Koyaa combats unruly toys and other objects while being watched over by a very house-proud Raven.

    Phil Parker, leading European Mentor for Audiovisual Content Development

  • Koyaa is an animated hero in every sense of the word: more than just curious and entertaining, he takes the audience by the hand and drags them into his funny adventures, into the wacky world of animation on his rocky mountain ledge.

    Martina Peštaj, Editor of Children and Youth Programming, Radio Television Slovenia

Koyaa's letterbox

Each morning, Koyaa opens his mailbox to see if he's got any letters. Send him a message or, even better, a drawing! The mailbox will also accept attachments.